Saturday, December 08, 2007

Coming Home!...but one last adventure!

This year has truly been the experience of a lifetime!

On Monday the staff, parents, and children came together one last time this year to celebrate World Disability Day before closing for the Christmas break. Thursday was my last day of work at the St. Julie Centre and I spent it taking inventory of over two-hundred store-bought and hand-made toys. On Friday I packed and cleaned the house and through a heavy rain storm rushed off to Nairobi where I will celebrate with the Sisters one last time. A new Sister of Notre Dame will be giving her final vows today.

Lastly, I will prepare for my journey home. But just before I will have time for one last adventure. I have sold my laptop in Nairobi and will use the funds to travel for two weeks in Egypt. I have booked a tour to see the pyramids and various temples, but also I plan to climb Mt. Sinai to see the ancient St. Katherine’s Monastery to see what is claimed to be the actual burning bush seen by Moses in the Book of Exodus. As they say, one journey’s end is another’s beginning.

I am leaving Nairobi for Cairo on December 9th and will return on December 22nd. Then I will fly out of Nairobi on December 23rd and should be in Detroit on Christmas Eve. I’m sure it will be hectic, but it will ve good to be home for Christmas.

I will not have internet access for at least two weeks, but I still have more stories to tell and pictures to show. Last month I had the opportunity to visit the Shrine of the Uganda Martyrs in Uganda. So please look forward to continued updates on my blog even after I have returned. Please look forward to stories from Tim in Uganda and Tim in Egypt.

Thank you again for all of your support with my mission and may God Bless you all!

Much Love,