Monday, July 02, 2007

The Big 3-0!

Making a wish!

Today is my 30th Birthday! I’m not normally into celebrating my own birthday, but 30 years seems like some kind of milestone. Three decades…just under a third of a century…and I feel a mid-life crisis coming on soon. I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but “I’m becoming an ancient artifact!” I have the grey hairs to prove it! Pretty soon I’ll be saying things like, “When I was your age…” and “Respect your elders!”

Well, I suppose you’re wondering how I celebrated such a landmark event in my life. Being in Malava, my choices were quite limited. No pool party. No fireworks display. No cardboard cone hats. I celebrated by having a quiet dinner with the Sisters. Just another testament to my old age…

Yesterday I celebrated a day early with Sister Catherine, Sister Phyllis, Sister Nekesa, Sister Beatrice, Sister Jumoke, Postulant Lucy, and Postulant Caroline. We ate salad, beef stew, and chapati (flatbread). Then, for dessert we had a chocolate cake with four flickering candles on it in the shape of a “T,” for Tim…or was it a cross? Anyway, we sang the traditional birthday song, I made a wish, we ate the cake, and then I had to get home early before any would-be bandits could rob me.

Today is my actual birthday. I ate dinner with Father Josaphat and now I am in the house with only a piece of bread and a single candle to make a wish. However, I have received many gifts, just in time, from my family and friends back home that couldn't take "no" for an answer. Thanks a lot for that.

Gifts galore from family and friends!

Thank you Mom and Dad for the card, the candy, the ketchup, and the mustard. Thank you Ed and Kerre for the candy and the update. I will enjoy it all thoroughly.

It seems like a pretty unexciting way to spend my “coming of old age,” but seriously, it was a nice couple of days spent with friends and their generous gifts and I enjoyed it very much.

Update 7/13/07

Thank you Grandma and Aunt Elaine for the birthday cards. Thank you and Aunt Jan and Uncle Walt for the card, the chocolate covered pretzels, and especially the Pistons T-shirt.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tim!!!

God Bless,

The other Tim

Rakstar said...

Happy belated birthday, Tim!! Just imagine us singing you a loud round of 'Happy Birthday'.

Here's hoping that you are blessed with every happiness in your thirtieth year.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

What was your wish?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tim!! Glad to see you are doing well out there. Cannot wait for you to meet Baby Miles but proud of all that you are doing out there.

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Tim!! Have fun this decade. Your thirties are the best years of your least they have been for me! I wish you peace, love, friendship and a whole lot of laughter to go with it this year! God bless you while you're in Africa. We'll celebrate your Half Birthday when you get back home!!


Anonymous said...

Well...I am sorry I am so late, but my wish is just as big...


You have blessed all of us with this blog and you inspire each of us with each entry. May God bless you that much and more this year!!

With His love and blessings,
Erin :)

Anonymous said...


A little belated but no less heartfelt! Wishing you all the best for your 30th! Stay safe and
wishing you continued blessings.

Aunt Laura, Uncle Tom and cousins-
Rachel, Becky and Amanda xo

tim said...

Thank you all, friends and family, for your Birthday Blessings! Your comments have really kept me going all year.

I can't wait to see you all when I get back. I wish you all the best from my little village in Kenya!

Enjoy your Summer! God Bless!

Tim C.