Monday, October 01, 2007

Unusual weather patterns on the Feast of St. Teresa

It's hailing in Kenya!

They say that in Kenya we are experiencing very unpredictable weather due to El Niño. Back in April and May, many farmers were waiting for the first rains to tell them when to plant their crops, but when they didn’t come as normally scheduled, some began to worry. One church in Malava, the African Church of the Holy Spirit, actually sent it’s parishioners to a nearby mountain to pray to God for rain. When June came, their prayers were answered. The rains came heavy everyday and everybody seemed very relieved for the moment. But now it is October and the rains continue and everybody is wondering when they will stop.

My courtyard covered with hail stones

Today the church at St. Teresa Parish was decorated in celebration of the Feast of St. Teresa (1893-1897). St. Teresa, “The Little Flower,” said, “We are like the flower that can lift it’s head after the storm passes, because of God’s mercy.” During her life St. Teresa was an unknown Carmelite Sister in France until her death at the early age of twenty-four due to tuberculosis. She is attributed to many miracles and her famous autobiography, “Story of a Soul” was made into a motion picture in 2005. She was canonized in 1925 by Pope Pius XI and declared a Doctor of the Church in 1998 by Pope John Paul II.

St. Teresa decorations in the church

While St. Teresa is said to send roses to those who pray for her intercession, today something even more unusual happened. Just as it was beginning to rain I went inside the house to take cover. When I was inside for only a few seconds it came hard and fast and there was a deafening noise on the iron-sheeted roof top. I had never heard it rain like this before and so I went outside to check it out. Moments after I stepped outside I was in utter amazement standing under the awning in my courtyard. My roof and everything else outside was being pelted by hail. I stood with my mouth hung open and thought as I began to laugh, “Hail!...It’s hailing in Africa!”

St. Teresa Pray For Us!

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