Thursday, April 05, 2007

Road to Nairobi

I spent Holy Thursday on an overnight bus bound for Nairobi. Ryan and I had a week off from the St Julie Center for Easter vacation and so we decided to meet Sandy and Arielle in Nairobi and then head for the coast and Mombasa.

From Malava we took a matatu to Kakamega, 30 minutes away, and then boarded the overnight Akamba bus for Nairobi. Akamba is a bus that seems to have a reputation for being unreliable. We boarded the bus at 9:00PM, and after many unsuccessful cranks to the ignition the engine finally started, and at 9:30 we were off.

On the road, I slept as much as the pothole-filled road would allow and listened to music on my Ipod as we crossed the Rift Valley in darkness. We finally arrived in Nairobi at 7:00AM, 2 hours behind schedule. It ended up taking 10 hours to get to Nairobi. Thank God we did not break down. We had just enough time to meet the girls and board our second bus for Mombasa.

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