Saturday, April 07, 2007


Watamu beach
After spending a day in Mombasa we boarded a matatu for the small village of Watamu. Watamu is a beach resort on the Indian Ocean that is frequented by European and American tourists as well as many Italian ex-patriots. The beaches are covered with powdery white sand and the ocean is blue with scenic rock formations and caves carved out by the erosion from the water. When the tide is low the cove drains out to sea and people can walk across the to offshore islands. Small pools of sea water that have not drained can be seen containing various ocean life.

Scenic rock formations

An island in the cove that can be reached by foot when the tide is low

The local beach boys are self-appointed guides and will take you around to show you fish, crabs, starfish, eels, and octopi. There is even a large eel named Georgio (Italian influence) and a starfish called Michael Jackson (it‘s arms appear to do the moonwalk). The beach boys rely on the tourists to make money and will offer to prepare grilled fish and bread as you lie on the beach as well as take you fishing and snorkeling.

Roadside stand in Watamu

The Indian Ocean

It was surprising to my fellow volunteers that live on the east coast in the States that I had never been to the ocean…that I had never swam in salt water…but there I was at the ocean for the first time and the Indian Ocean of all oceans. How about that?!!!

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Linda said...

Hi! Just found your pictures searching Google for Kenya Watamu. I've been there, I live at the Ocean Sports Hotel :D. It's a really beautiful place, loved it.