Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Crying Stone of Ilesi

On top of the hills just south of Kakamega is the mysterious Crying Stone of Ilesi. The Crying Stone is a local landmark that consists of a large boulder resting on top of a massive pillar of rock eight meters high. The formation is supposed to resemble a solemn head falling on weary shoulders and from the top “tears” flow down the length of the column. The legend has it that the “tears” never stop flowing, but the stones were definitely dry when I came to visit. Although it seemed to be in good spirits on the day I came, remnants of many sorrowful days can still be seen. The stone is stained a dark green color from many years of weeping.

The cause of this natural curiosity is a hidden reservoir at the top of the stone “head.” When it rains the reservoir fills up with water and slowly flows through small cracks down the side of the “shoulders.”. Moss that grows inside the reservoir soaks up water and allows it to flow for many weeks at a time, even during a drought.


Erin Miesmer said...

Wow! You made the national landmark stop crying?? You are talented there buddy!!

Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim! I was just thinking about Camp Shawnee yesterday, and then I was thinking about you and I wondered how you were doing in that far away place! Hope everything is going great for you.
You and your adventures there are still in my prayers! God bless Tim.


masaga said...

hey tim thanks for the good work in malava keep it up.I am kenyan ussually based in busia,its amazing i've been looking for an image of this rock,the crying stone(ikhonga murwi),for ages.I have borrowed it for a site i am working on,thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

I was In Kenya two years back to work on a project and i happen to visit that mysterious rock. There is no doubt, it's really impressive. what is more attractive is the settlement of the rock with respect to the green environment around. it's as if this has been placed there purposefully. it's really fantastic

Anonymous said...

Hallo Tim imagine ur in ma home soil while am away.Kakamega is ma home n that rock means alot 2 us.Try asking 4 the story behind it n u wil b amazed.Ikhongo murwi

Anonymous said...

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mary, kenya said...

Thanks for helping me with my geography research

Anonymous said...

Iam prout of that.What about the stone at elukho primary school?

Anonymous said...

Gud to know that u enjoy ur visit

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Cafenol said...

A yee Tim!! It is crate to see you in my home town; Nyasaye numulahi!! It is is kut to see Ikhongo Murwi once acain, plus I tit not know it was as pik as it is chust from looking at you in the forefront. Thank you ferry much for tsa pikture. Spoken like a true Mwisukhasa. Asande.

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