Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Carmelite Monastery in Baltimore

Fireworks at the Harbor

So long 2006! New Years Eve is a time when we reminisce about a year gone by, but also look forward to the year ahead. This New Years has come at a time when it is particularly profound and significant. In January, I had the opportunity to travel to Rome, Italy. In August, I went on a pilgrimage, backpacking through Mexico. Now, I am about to spend a year in Kenya. It's been one incredible year.
Yesterday, the other volunteers and I went to mass at a Carmelite monastery near the convent where I am staying. We met many people who will be praying for us next year. Together, we prayed for the intentions of recently deceased Former President Gerald Ford, but surprisingly also for recently executed Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein. It's been one incredible year!
Later we went to the movies to see Mel Gibson's latest, Apocalypto, ate Chicago-style deep dish pizza, and went to watch a fireworks display on the harbor here in Baltimore.
It was a good way to end a good year, and begin a new year!

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christine said...

tim, We visited Mukuru Kwa Njenga on a medical misson in Feb, 2006; started a foundation when we got back; Looking to partner with someone to oversee the funding of various small projects, feeding programs, microloans, etc.Any help would be appreciated. Email me at I reside in Chicago.