Saturday, December 30, 2006

Orientation in Baltimore

Sandra, Ryan, Catherine, Kathleen, Arielle, Tim (behind the camera)

Well, after an exhusting three months of preparation and an extremely chaotic night of packing and family goodbyes, I am now in Baltimore for a week of orientation before I leave for Kenya on January 3rd 2007. It's great to finally meet all of the other volunteers for the first time in person after weeks of emailing back and forth. I even got to meet Kathleen and Kathryn, the volunteers that will be spending a year in Lima, Peru. Everybody comes with a different story, and I come with mine, but we all seek a common goal, and that is service to the poor and also to get the most out of this opportrunity that has been given to us. The orientation is pretty well structured and includes many talks given by Sisters that have spent many years in Kenya and Peru. Between the talks and presentations there is time to sleep, lounge about, or even go for a walk through one of the historical districts in Baltimore. Today I received a British Airways plane ticket with Tim Constantino printed in all caps just above the words "To Nairobi Kenya." It's really starting to sink in. I will be in Kenya on Jaunary 4th 2007 at 9:20PM!

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