Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Learning to drive a stick shift...

Part of preparing for my mission in Kenya requires me to learn how to drive a stick shift. This is important as cars in Kenya with an automatic transmission are quite nonexsistant. It is my understanding that I may be asked to transport patients, by car, from the medical center in the small village to the hospital in the city.

Today I started learning how to drive a stick shift. Surprisingly, it is my little sister, Anita, that is teaching me. It seems as though not many of my family or friends have acquired this skill or own such a vehicle. Fortunately for me, my sister's first car was a stick and little did I know that she would someday be teaching me how to drive. The only problem that arose when she agreed to do so was that she had long since gotten rid of that first car and now owns an automatic. This is when my sister came up with a brilliant idea! We spent an afternoon visiting various car dealerships in the area test driving the latest models....all of course in the new sporty, fuel-efficient stick shift editions!

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