Sunday, December 03, 2006

Campus Ministry Party

Last night I spent with friends that I have worked with through the years in campus ministry at Macomb Community College. They had their annual Christmas Party, but this year it was also a going away party for me. It seems like I've known them all forever. I've worked with some of them on some of my very first service events. It was some of these events that eventually lead to my decision to spend a year in Kenya. I remember all of the times we spent together at the alternative spring breaks in Kentucky, volunteering at the soup kitchens in Detroit, at the charity soups sales, and collecting the toys for Christmas for Kids....we've been through a lot....and now they are seeing me off to the next chapter in my life. It was good to see them all again. We spent the night talking and laughing and singing Christmas was the perfect holiday send off. It's a pretty amazing feeling to have such friends and such support. Thank you all very much.

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